Chapter Awards Policy

1.   Application for West Central Area Dollars for Scholars awards will be available at website. They are due on or before March 31, 2024. Students will use the application form on the website which has been approved by the board of directors. All award selections are based exclusively on merit. The awards will be open to any graduate of the WCA class of 2024 fulfilling the mandatory requirements; regardless of the type of postsecondary education program they will attend with a requirement that it is an accredited program.

2.   The Awards Committee will score all applications as directed by the Awards Committee chair, using the point system outlined by the national Dollars for Scholars office. Scholarship America's selection process (with minor modifications) has been used successfully by chapters throughout the country for 50 years. Scoring is determined by a point system that rewards the well-rounded student for academic achievement, work experience, school and community involvement, and unusual circumstances. The points are based on information gathered from the Student Application & an official grade transcript. Information must be submitted using the application provided to you by website.  Six individuals from the board of directors will serve as scorers on the Awards Committee.

3.   All gifts to Dollars for Scholars of $5000 or more may become a named scholarship. The award will carry the name of the donor or of the individual/organization designated by the donor, unless the donor specifies it as an anonymous donation (e.g., the Jane Smith Scholarship, Lions Club Scholarship, etc.).

4.   Sponsors will have the opportunity to present their award if they so choose. Arrangements will be made by the Awards Committee chair. If they do not choose to present their award, sponsors will be notified of the name of their award recipient by letter or by copy of the letter sent to the recipient.

5.   Awards will be presented to recipients on May 19, 2024 in the high school auditorium. All scholarship recipients are required to attend. Checks will be made out and mailed to the institution of choice upon completion of the Scholarship Acknowledgement Form (SAF). SAF must be submitted by May 20th of the scholarship year. The SAF is also found on the profile with your application and is to be completed and submitted online. A recipient award letter indicating who to thank will be sent to each recipient along with a copy of the SAF and a return envelope. Any student postponing post-secondary school due to personal circumstances or military service may have up to 2 years to use their award.

6.   Because West Central Area Dollars for Scholars wants to contribute to as many students as possible, scholarships will not be awarded to students already receiving awards totally covering tuition, room and board.

7.   Each student is required to complete his/her own application and to meet all requirements including: concession stand work  and participation in the Dollars For Scholars Award Program night as directed by the DFS Board, and achieve a Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Thank you for applying for a West Central Area Dollars for Scholars award.  You are an important part of our community and we value you and the contributions you have made to our community so far.  We know with hard work and dedication to your chosen field you will no doubt become a positive contributor to the community you eventually call your home.

Best of luck to you in your future,

The West Central Area Dollars for Scholars 2024 Awards Committee


 *Please read the entire application carefully and be sure all required information is provided and signatures obtained. The application must be submitted in a timely manner to ensure scoring can be completed as required.