WCA Dollars for Scholars established "Giving Levels" in 2009 to recognize individuals and organizations who provide financial support for annual awards.  Additionally, the giving levels provide a means of budgeting for long term goals related to giving.
Donors who commit to a specific Giving Level are recognized in DFS publications.  DFS will track the status of each pledge and issue a reminder invoice near the anniversary date.  Permanent "named scholarships" are established in honor of donations of $5,000 or more.
Once the requirements of a particular giving level have been satisfied, donors may join a higher level; previous donations will transfer to the new level.  Or, the donor be "knighted" - meaning continued contributions at the same level will be recognized.  
The 555 Knight sponsor level symbolizes the five communities along Highway 55 that comprise the West Central Area School district.
WCA Dollars for Scholars GIVING LEVELS
(Payment options described below or make a one-time payment.)

555 Knights                      $555

$155 now and $100/year for 4 years

Honored Knight             $1,000

$200 now and $200/year for 4 years

Scholar Knight               $2,500

$500 now and $500/year for 4 years

Heritage Knight              $5,000

$1000 now and $1000/year for 4 years

Legacy Knight              $10,000

Flexible payment options

Legacy and Beyond     $10,000+

Legacy and Beyond Greater than $10,000 commitment
Elbow Lake Fire Relief Association                                  
Having joined the Heritage Knight level in 2009, the Elbow Lake Fire Relief Association moved up to Legacy Knight in 201.  "We are honored to support the graduating seniors as we are supported by the areas we serve." 

Legacy Knight  $10,000 commitment
Barrett Fire Relief Association                                     
Having joined the Heritage Knight level in 2010, the Barrett Fire Relief Association moved up to Legacy Knight in 2013 to further demonstrate their commitment to the community and the belief that we can build stronger communities by educating our youth. 
Carl Larson Memorial Scholarship
Carl J. Larson permanent named scholarship fund established in 2009. Carl J. Larson was the individual who started the Dollars for Scholars program for our area seniors. Carl was a strong supporter and believed that every student should be given the opportunity to make a difference.  A Carl Larson scholarship has been awarded annually since 1997.
Elbow Lake Co-op Grain Scholarship
Elbow Lake Co-Op Grain joined the Legacy Knight level in 2009.  Elbow Lake Co-op grain includes locations in Elbow Lake, Wendell and Nashua. They support the students and especially those seniors pursuing an education in an agriculture related field.
Elizabeth Haugen & Kristen (Haugen) Juhola Memorial Scholarship
Jim and Joyce Haugen's daughters, Elizabeth and Kristen, graduated from Elbow Lake High School in 1975 and 1978. Beth was pursuing a career in nursing while Kris' goal was to become an airline pilot. In 1984, long before their dreams could be fulfilled, both daughters passed away - Beth from a brain tumor and Kris in a plane crash. This scholarship is intended to help other young people realize their dreams.
Elmer & Viola Nelson Foundation Scholarship
Elmer & Viola were long-time residents of Delaware Township in Grant County. This scholarship was established in support of their belief in continuing education.
Heritage Knight  $5,000 commitment
Bank of the West Scholarship
Joined Heritage Knight level in 2009. This scholarship was established to reflect the bank's support of graduating seniors and their endeavors to continue education beyond high school.
Gregg Goldenstein Scholarship
Greg Goldenstein was a vocal instructor at WCA. His family established this scholarship, which is awarded to a student active in music, in his honor.
Carl A. Hanson American Legion Post #321
Joined Heritage Knight level in 2011. The Legion has a long-standing history of supporting youth programs in the region.
Scholar Knight Sponsor  $2,500 commitment
Amundson-Peterson Inc.
Cosmos Enterprises, Inc.
Cross Country Construction
Eagle Bank
Elbow Lake Lions Club
Elbow Lake Women's Study Club
Farmers Agency
Farmers State Bank of Hoffman
Haley Oil Company
Gene and Darla Hanson
Hoffman Coop Grain Association
Hoffman Lions Club
Kensington Bank
Kensington Commercial Club
Midwest Machine, Inc.
Wendy & Ethan Rudell Memorial
Lou Score and Pryce Score
Dick Vipond Memorial
Pro-AG Farmers Cooperative
Honored Knight Sponsor  $1,000 commitment
Ameriprise Inc., Mike Svobodny
Anderson Oil/Dew Drop Inn (Jason/Curt Anderson)
Barrett Farm Supply, Inc.
Jim and Marlene Belgum
Chad and Diane Biss
Blume Electric
Bright Seeds, Todd & Heidi Bright
Carlson Ag Aviation
Jeff and Marlene Drier
Ellis Insurance Agency
Hanson Auctioneers - Jerome and Natalie
Grant County Herald
Lake Region Veterinary Center, LLC
Lakes Area Professional Women
Doug and Kim Oachs
Prairie Air Inc.
Greg and Marisa Sabolik
Dr. Robert Sampson Memorial
Star Bank
Titan Machinery
Wendell Lions
Wendell Pioneer Insurance
555 Knight Sponsor $555 commitment
Matthew and Shelli Allen
Daryl and Connie Amundson
Jackie and Family Anderson
Lane Anderson Memorial
Tory and Shelly Belgum
Ron and Jody Brasel
Dale Champ
Jody and Leisha Coleman
Dean's Super Valu
Mark and Michelle Dewey
Tony and Anne Endreson
James/Brenda Exe 
Michael & Dana Flint
Keith and Kelly Gerber
Beverly Godel
Grant County Lions Club
Mark and Wanda Haberer
Darin and Natalie Hanson
Joyce Hanson
Dwaine and Jean Haroldson
Gary and Kathy Hulzebos
Janice Krusemark Memorial
Jay and Betty Johnson
Karl and Janelle Johnson
Kristine Johnson
Kruize Plumbing & Heating
LGC Biosearch Technologies
Kent and Colleen Marshall
Curt and Betsy Ostenson
Carter Overson Memorial
Project Central
Duane and Lana Rau
Todd and Sheila Ronhovde
Runestone Insurance - Kensington
Gary and Beth Sabolik
Dave and Amy Staples
Sanford Self Storage
Dean and Bonnie Sternhagen
Scott and Michelle Swenson
WCA Education Association
West Acres Shopping Center
Dave Willard
Miah and Val Ulrich