Dollars for Scholars will no longer be holding the annual Phone-a-Thon.  Instead, we are offering family/friends/businesses a chance to sponsor a sporting event!

For a suggested donation of $50/game, you can help support this amazing program which offers scholarship opportunities to our graduating Seniors.  You will be recognized in the program for each game you sponsor.  

If you are interested in the Sponsors for Scholars fundraiser, please contact any DFS member or your favorite Senior!


Concession Stand - Annual Fundraiser
Dollars for Scholars manages the concession stand at WCA throughout the fall & winter sports season.  The committee spends a huge amount of time gathering information (student activity sheets, sports schedules) that is used to assign a work schedule that does not interfere with events the student is involved in.  A Dollars for Scholars board member is assigned to each concession date.  Parent/s of the student are required to work at the concession stand as well.

Since we often end up with more events than students to work them, we depend on students to volunteer to work extra events.  They will be rewarded with extra scholarship funds!  The schedule is in the stand so you can stop in and check for openings during events for which the stand is open!!  You can also contact a board member and they will provide the info you need. Thanks so much for the hard work!  This is a wonderful opportunity for our board to interact with the WCA seniors.  We enjoy getting to know you!