Letters from recipients of WCA DFS Scholarships...


Through the DFS program at our school I learned how to build my scholarship profile and write my own personal statements. Helping at the concession stand for sports games was a fun opportunity to interact with community members and raise money for continuing our education. In creating my Dollars for Scholars profile, I learned more about my goals and who I want to be when I grow up. - Halle Foslien

DFS is an easy and simple program with huge pay outs. With not much time and effort, I was able to almost entirely pay off my first semester, and I'll still be getting pay off from my little bit of effort for the next two years. It's a simple and quick application that you will never regret filling out. - Tyler Biss 

Dollars for Scholars has impacted my life in many ways. It has provided me with many opportunities. Some of the ways it has helped me is by improving my communication skills by participating in the Phone-a-Thon, providing financial support for college, and helping improve my ability to work as a team while taking part in serving concessions at school events. Dollars for Scholars is a great resource for anyone that is looking to further their education, and I am very thankful WCA has this program to offer. - Ashton Danner

I will always be so grateful for DFS! Not only are they extremely helpful with the application process, but their priority is to make the scary costs of school a bit more bearable with all the amazing scholarship opportunities! I was able to receive scholarships that went right to my schooling; free money is always a blessing! I will forever be grateful for the help DFS has given me! -Kennedy Ulrich



The Dollars for Scholars Scholarship that I was awarded helped me out greatly.  I am currently attending North Dakota State University in Fargo, North Dakota.  I went into college without picking out a major, but even just doing my generals, college is expensive!  I did not fully realize until I got into university how much every penny helps you out.  With the Dollars for Scholars program, we got together as a class for a couple of projects that ended up being quite fun.  Those projects raised money for us, and we all individually got a few hundred dollars to help pay for college.  I am incredibly thankful for the scholarships I received because they helped me more than I realized they would.  -Taylah Schroeder

With Dollars for Scholars, I realized how great our community is in the amount of scholarships available to our class!  With the money I received, I was able to put it towards my books for this semester (which are super spendy) along with going towards my tuition expenses.  Thank you:) - Kaylyn Ulrich

Dollars for Scholars was a great opportunity that I was able to be involved in while attending West Central Area.  It was an easy way to benefit my local community while also receiving scholarship money which I put towards my tuition after high school.  -Teagan Nelson

I am very grateful for Dollars for Scholars! We are lucky that our community is so generous and is helping us further our education.  Being granted scholarships for putting in a  couple hours of work and filing out a profile helps us immensely.  When we were able to look at all of the scholarships available, it became very real that we were graduating from a community that really cares about us.  It makes me want to pay it forward when I have the chance! Thank you to everyone who donates to our Dollars for Scholars chapter.  We will do our best to make you proud! - Savannah Swenson


Thank to Dollars for Scholars, I have the opportunity to pursue a degree I want without the added stress of costs.  The mentors for DFS were all so understanding and helpful along the way, making it as easy as possible. -Kaitlyn Sanstead

DFS has definitely helped me with paying for school.  I won't have to worry about paying for my first two years with the help of the scholarship I got.  -Benett Grove

The scholarships I acquired are going to help me focus more on passing my classes rather than stressing out on having to pay for them.  -Hunter Hanson

The money I earned will be such a huge asset for the next few years.  It's such a great thing to have extra opportunities given to people for their hard work and achievements in high school.  -Gavin Paulson

The scholarships provided by Dollars for Scholars are helping me cover college expenses.  The mentors were always willing to help and answer any questions you had.  They made filling out the application stress free.  -Morgan Woodle

DFS is pretty dope.  It's easy to do and helps students keep a little money in their pockets and focus on school instead of their debt.  Yeet! -Wyatt Olson


My name is Tiana Christenson and I am attending Concordia College in Moorhead, MN where I plan to major in Exercise Science for Physical Therapy. I absolutely love Concordia and could not be happier with my decision to come here.  Dollars for Scholars was very generous in donating scholarship money to go towards my tuition. It is definitely worth taking the time to fill out the applications and also to work in the concession stand because every bit helps. I sincerely appreciate everything Dollars for Scholars does for the seniors at West Central Area and am very thankful for all that they did to help me!

My name is Holly Vankempen and I am currently a freshman at The College of St. Scholastica and I am working towards a Biology degree. I am very thankful for the scholarships that I received from the Dollars for Scholars program. I have put this money towards my tuition and it has be so helpful. The DFS program is something that all seniors should participate in! The time commitment is definitely worth the reward. Thank you again for this opportunity!

My name is Kylee Fernholz and I am attending Concordia College in Moorhead. I am currently in the Pre-Med program. I had no idea college would be so expensive. Dollars for Scholars has helped me so much financially. I used the money to buy my books and to put towards my tuition. Thank you Dollars for Scholars for your hard work, friendliness and help! I really appreciate it! I hope all the seniors use the opportunities Dollars for Scholars provides!

I am a first year at the College of Saint Benedict. I am majoring in Math and minoring in Secondary Education. Dollars for Scholars is a great program and very beneficial. I put the money towards my college tuition, and the time required for the program was actually a lot of fun. Thank you Dollars for Scholars. ~Christina Kruize

Hello! My name is Sammy Jo Severance and I am currently a freshman attending Concordia College. I received a generous scholarship through Dollars for Scholars my senior year and it has been a great help towards my college education, helping me pay for my textbooks and tuition. I am very thankful to have had this opportunity to earn and receive money from Dollars for Scholars!

My name is Jared Oachs and I am attending NDSU, where I am pursuing a degree in Ag Economics. At West Central Area we have a very active, successful, and devoted group of people who make our Dollars for Scholars program second to none. The assistance they provided not only to myself, but my fellow classmates in the class of 2014, is something that has made a huge difference in my college career already and in the careers of many other graduates as well. I encourage anyone who can, to take advantage of what DFS has to offer. It is a great organization that is there to help you succeed at following your dreams.  

My name is Danna Sabolik and I'm studying Agricultural Communications and Marketing at NDSU this year. I am loving the college life and have had a chance to get involved in several organizations on campus, that I maybe would not have been able to without the financial aid from Dollars for Scholars. At WCA, we are blessed to have such a great team on our DFS board, who truly care and want each of us to succeed. Using the money that they've invested in me to put towards my education, I have had more time to be involved on campus and build relationships in college. I am so grateful for their investment in my future, and know that if you take the time to let them help you, you won't regret it. Have a great senior year!

My name is Tyler Schill and I am majoring in accounting at Alexandria Technical and Community College. The money from Dollars for Scholars has been a big help in paying for books and tuition. It definitely was worth the time needed to become eligible to receive a scholarship. Thank you to all the volunteers who make this program a success.


My name is Carson Steven Hunter and I'm attending NDSU for computer engineering.  Right now I'm living in the dorms, going to the wellness center daily, attending my classes and grilling it up at the dining center. I'm really enjoying it here and it makes it a lot easier with the Dollars for Scholars scholarship I received. I used it to help pay for tuition so I have to pay less in the future. That gives me less worries to worry about and more time to do other things. I would like to thank Dollars for Scholar's for this opportunity and hope they will continue this wonderful program. 

I am attending UND in Grand Forks.  My Dollars for Scholars Scholarship has helped me out because it was free money that was put towards my college education. So I will not need to pay it back in the future. -Tayler Christenson 

Dollars for Scholars has really helped me with my first semester of college.  When I changed my mind last summer and decided to go to NDSU instead MState Fergus Falls, I forgot all about my Dollars for Scholars money.  When it came time to pay for classes, I was happily surprised to see that my money had been sent to NDSU instead.  Being on the track team, along with classes, keeps me pretty busy.  Not having to do anything to have my money sent here was really helpful.  I am currently studying to be a mechanical engineer and have found that in college you need to manage your time a lot better because there is always homework to be done.  I would like to thank everyone involved in the Dollars for Scholars program for all of their contributions!  -Beau Kashmark

Dollars for Scholars is a great program that has helped me and other college students afford some of the outrageously priced books and other expenses of college.  There isn't a much better feeling than not having to spend however many hundred dollars thanks to Dollars for Scholars.  Thanks Dollars for Scholars! -Cole Amundson

My Dollars for Scholars scholarship really helped me out my freshman year of college. Combining tuition, room, and board was very expensive and the money I received through this organization made paying those costs a lot less stressful.  I appreciated it so much! Thank you Dollars for Scholars! -April Nelson

Hi, my name is Brian Oachs and I am in my sophomore year at the University of Minnesota Crookston. I am double majoring in Ag. Business and Ag Systems Management. The Dollars for Scholars scholarship helped me pay for the always increasing tuition costs. It was very nice to have money there to put towards tuition.

I am currently a sophomore at NDSU in Fargo.  The Dollars for Scholars scholarship that I received last year helped me purchase my books.  There are so many expenses when going to college and I really appreciate the help that Dollars for Scholars was able to give me.-Caitlin Peterson

I am very appreciative of the money I received from Dollars for Scholars.  It was very helpful my freshman year being as how I did not expect my texts books to be so expensive.  The money covered the cost of my books which was a huge help.  Thank you Dollars for Scholars for all your help! -Andi Martineau

I used my dollars for scholar's money for tuition; I really appreciated the money to help me go through college. This year, I am taking classes that I need for my major and I am doing very well in them.  I am going to school for business administration with minors in finance and marketing.  I hope to sell insurance for a living, but this way I am open to many other job opportunities. With the help I've had from DFS, I am able to stay out of debt as much as possible, so in the future I can have a good income and live a happy life.  Thank you for helping me, but thank you even more for helping everyone live their dreams. You really are making a difference.  Thank you so much! -Sam Richards